TRAINING FOR YOU: How Google Sets Goals…

Short post today, but if you choose to take advantage of it, you need to book an hour on your calendar to take advantage of the resource.

Video embedded below is from Google Ventures with a hat tip to TechCrunch.  It's a great rundown of how Google sets performance goals - how they make choices on goals that individual contributors are going to chase, how they negotiate what goes into that valuable space, how the goals are supposed to cascade, how they are (or aren't) part of the performance process, etc.

In short, it's goal setting 101 from Google.  Pretty cool rundown of how they do goal management.

What will surprise you is how some of the things you know are incorporated into Google's process.  But, as you might expect, there's plenty to learn from the Google way related to goal setting and the great news is that none of it is out of reach for you and I and the companies we represent.

This is training for you - the HR/Talent pro.  Book this on your calendar and consume it.  It's hard to find rundowns like this to help you and your company reset the bar on goal setting and how it ties to performance.  (email subscribers click through for video)

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