update about dealing with the rumor mill when your boss is having an affair

Remember the reader who was wondering about how to deal with loud rumors that her boss was having an affair with someone else in their company? Here’s her update.

I am writing in to give you an update on the boss who was having an affair. I’m the coworker who wanted to try and squash the rumors before they got out of control.

Well, it went well and then very badly! It went well because I tried your suggestions and my boss started acting more appropriately/discreetly after I mentioned my concerns and the rumors stopped as I gradually just stopped responding to any mention of them when they were brought up, and would say it wasn’t a good thing to talk about at work.

However, it went badly as I am currently writing to you on her last day as the boss of this department, and she showed up at 11 a.m. completely drunk! She found out she was transferring to another department a while ago and completely checked out almost immediately. Luckily, between myself and my coworkers, the department stayed organized, though she managed to make a lot of people angry before she finished her time here. I’m not sure why she decided to show up drunk on her last day, but at least it’s her last day, right? The worst part has been that we interviewed a candidate for a position today and my boss ran the interview. Needless to say, it did not go well.

In the end, this whole mess works out well for me because her transferring means I am stepping up into a new position that comes with a raise. And I suppose this will make for a funny story after it stops being mortifying to think about!

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