update: company wants me to relocate … to Alaska!

Remember the reader whose company wanted her to relocate to Alaska? Here’s her update:

I actually ended up leaving that job, traveling for a few months, and just started a new job where i’m much happier!

After the initial conversation, I told my boss that I had no interest in moving to Alaska. He seemed disappointed but didn’t stop alluding to the fact that it might be necessary and that he was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t step up to the task. He even asked me how long I had been dating my boyfriend and made “jokes” that we hadn’t been together long enough and that I shouldn’t have any trouble leaving him. Needless to say, I was none too thrilled. There were a ton of other issues I had with this job – they had hired me on a very low salary with the promise of a raise (based on performance) every 3 months. I ended up carrying their biggest account for a year by myself to constant praise and constant “we just can’t afford to give raises right now. next month, promise!” I never got that raise.

Now I’m making 30% more, have a much more exciting job and am all around happier.

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