update from the lazy coworker

Remember the reader last year who struggled with being lazy at work and felt guilty and anxious about it? Here’s an update from him.

I got through a big project barely on time due to my laziness. In the previous post, a commenter recommended “Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement,” which actually was really helpful. I identified that a large part of my problem has been a low frustration tolerance, and found working on that actually really made me a better performer. Not as good as I should be, but getting 5 hours out of 7 a day is a lot better than my previous 1 or 2.

The book also helped me identify why I didn’t want to work hard, which was that I felt like only suckers ever worked hard. I haven’t gone to counseling, but feel I have improved a lot on my own. Thanks for the help!

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