update from the reader asked to watch her manager’s grandchildren

Remember the reader whose boss kept asking her to watch her grandkids while she parked her car in the mornings? Here’s her update:

Well, I did get up the nerve and told the boss, “No, I really don’t feel comfortable watching the kids.” We then had a bit of a stare down and I walked away and sat down at my desk. Afterwards she was very short with me for about 3 days. It was uncomfortable, but she didn’t ask me again.

I learned that silence works wonders with her. She is a micromanager and will walk up right behind me and look at what is on my computer screen and just stands there. I no longer say anything; I just keep working. Or if someone is in my cube and we are working on something, she walks up to the cube and stares at me with a fierce frown on her face. I used to explain what I was doing (training, etc.) but now I am just silent. She will finally walk away.

The good news is that shortly after that I was offered a new job, which I have since started. More money and the benefits are awesome. And the last 2 weeks I was at the old job, she told me how wonderful I was and she didn’t know how she was going to do without me. I tried a couple times to explain what I didn’t like (the micromanaging and her giving preference to my coworker, who is her friend) but she would change the subject. I haven’t gotten a read on my new boss yet. Who knows what fun stuff I will experience at the new place.

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