update from the reader who hated her job and wanted to wear jeans

Remember the reader in December who was wondering if she needed to thank her employer for a Christmas bonus? Or at least that’s what her direct question was, but her letter was about being bored with her job and feeling frustrated that she’d been promised flexible working hours and a casual dress code when she wasn’t being allowed to take time off when she wanted it and had been told to stop wearing jeans. Here’s her update:

You may remember my question about Christmas bonuses, which was really about how much I hated my job and how it was sucking the life out of me.  After getting your response (and seeing the comments), I decided to submit a few grad school apps in hopes to switch fields and get training in an area that holds a lot of interest for me.  I also bought some corduroy pants with my Xmas gift money, that fit like jeans but clearly are not, and which seem to garner no complaints from my bosses, as well as keep me warm during my long commute.  So it’s relatively good news all around!

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