update from the reader who wanted to borrow the CEO’s assistant

Remember the letter-writer who wanted to ask the CEO if he could “borrow” the CEO’s assistant to work on his own projects? Here’s his update.

I got a lot of solid, honest advice that I needed to hear. I apologized to the CEO’s assistant, as suggested, for overstepping my boundaries by assuming she was able and allowed to assist me and for generally making a fool of myself. She seemed very understanding about it. Later on in the week, the CEO pulled me aside for a “little catch up” where he mentioned that his assistant has casually talked to him about me asking for help. He basically stated that his assistant was off limits, and that if I absolutely needed help with something I could come to him and he would assign me someone temporarily to help if he thought the situation warranted it. I apologized profusely, and he accepted that. He told me that he appreciated my drive and motivation and thought with some time I could be an extremely valued member of the team if I really worked on it. I appreciated the criticism and asked him about him being my mentor. He graciously declined but did introduce me to a senior member of the executive staff who has been really great at helping me get acclimated to the environment and generally being a great mentor.

I think my actions actually were a direct cause in me being taken out of the running for the head of the department when the company chose to consolidate the three different graphic design departments into one large department about a month ago. It was completely a situation of my own making and a mistake I will definitely not repeat.

Luckily, everyone gave me a second chance and I am really trying my hardest to prove I am not nearly as ridiculous as I made myself out to be in those first couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all the advice and for telling me how awful I was being. I needed to hear it.

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