update from the reader whose boyfriend wanted his company to pay for a car service after breaking his leg

Remember the reader whose boyfriend had broken his leg and was unsure how he’d be able to commute to work (they’re in New York City and his usual commute was by subway), and she was wondering if he could ask his company to pay for a car service? Here’s her update.

I originally posed the question because I had broken my leg while in college (also in New York City) and the school paid for a car service to get to classes held off campus. I realize that the “real world” is different from college, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask, and to see what others had done. 

My boyfriend has been on crutches for about 4 weeks, and he’s doing ok; normal aches and pains from using new muscles to “crutch” instead of walk, and going a little stir crazy from not being able to do much. He decided not to ask his company to pay for/help with a car service to get him to work. He did speak with his boss and HR and has been taking as much sick time and working from home as much as possible, and he’s gone into the office about 2 days a week since. When he does go in, it takes a long time on the train (about 2x the usual) or it’s a $50 cab ride. There is one person in the office (only person in the building really) who drives to work and he’s helped my boyfriend once or twice as well. It’s not quite a happy ending, but he’s hoping to only be doing this for another 2 weeks or so.

Thank you to your commentators for the suggestions and well wishes and I hope YOUR foot heals completely soon!

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