update from the reader with a coworker who was a registered sex offender

Here’s an update from the reader who had learned her coworker was a registered sex offender and was wondering whether to tell anyone:

Unfortunately, my story doesn’t have a positive ending. About two months after you answered the email I sent you, my coworker was led out of our department by a supervisor and hasn’t been seen since. No one knows what happened except that he was let go. Obviously none of our supervisors or HR representatives divulged any details.

I never told anyone in the company about the gentleman. I never did get the chance to talk to him more than a handful of times after sending you an email, but my general impression remained one of a friendly and polite gentlemen. I never got any creepy vibes off of him, and since our company only has children in the building on “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” I decided not to pursue the issue after I calmed down.

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