update from the reader working for her parents’ dysfunctional business

Remember the reader trying to leave her parents’ dysfunctional business and getting told she was a terrible person because of it? Here’s her update.

I quit September 15th as planned, but there’s been nothing particularly thrilling for your readers… no fireworks. I’m getting the silent treatment, I think, which, despite the intent behind it, has been wonderful. She’s badmouthing me a little behind my back, but that’s it. The guy she hired to replace me is probably going to crack soon and quit due to the disorganization, judging from the texts I’ve gotten from him literally pleading for me to come back. I expect my mother is going to come back crying crocodile tears about how much she neeeeeeeds me once he leaves in disgust.

…which I won’t be doing because I just landed a new job! I will be working at a highly rated boutique catering company as assistant office manager. It’s a slight pay cut, but I will also be working approximately 10 fewer hours per week and get to partake of the free staff lunch made by the chefs every day. While it is obviously too early to be sure, the company culture of upbeat, well-grounded, Mac-using, muppet-loving foodies seems like an excellent fit for me.

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