update: how soon can you tell if a job isn’t right for you?

Remember the reader who started a new job and was already feeling it wasn’t right for her, only two days in? Here’s her update.

As I mentioned in the comments of that post, my issue was not with the work environment or my coworkers, it was the subject matter of the work. The company only works on hospitals and healthcare facilities. (At my interview, I was told it was about 60% healthcare and 40% other types of public buildings.) I am extremely squeamish and have been known to faint at the sight of blood, but figured with hospital design there’s no blood, right? There’s not but there’s constant discussion of it and procedures and medical and surgical equipment…

During my first week, I survived without fainting at work, but the subject matter stuck with me outside of working hours. I can usual deal with bloody TV and movies by looking away for a moment, but after a day of thinking about hospitals I couldn’t recover as quickly. I started having trouble sleeping; every time I relaxed and closed my eyes, I’d picture a ER and scare myself alert. (And yes, I was and still am speaking with a therapist about this phobia.)

After a month, I was still uncomfortable and started job hunting again. A friend mentioned that his company was hiring, I interviewed and was offered a new position. Overall, I feel kind of foolish for having taken the job knowing my reaction to hospitals, but I was so enamored of the company from my interviews with them that I brushed off my concerns. 

Thanks for answering my question and I really appreciate getting all the opinions from you and your readers.

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