update: I need to fire an employee but I’m afraid her family will become violent

Remember the post from the reader who needed to fire an employee but was afraid that her grown sons would become violent? Here’s her update:

The situation is slowly getting resolved. I finally have the president realizing how bad the situation is and we have started writing her up for the more serious errors she makes. For instance, she just overlooked revising a work order for a drilling hose that ended up getting built wrong and it literally blew up during testing. Once we get three write-ups on her, she will be terminated. The write-ups that we will be doing will be for errors that affect the home office, which is out of state, so they will be coming from the owner instead of the people in this office. We hope that will minimize the threat of any potential violence to the people here in the local office.

I think we are satisfied that her sons aren’t technically part of an official gang; they are basically just low-life drug dealers with tattoos that they hope they will intimidate people. Not that they aren’t dangerous, but we don’t think it’s on the level that we originally feared.

I appreciate all the suggestions and support I received from you and your readers.

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