update: my company is threatening to strand me out of town

Remember the person whose company was threatening to strand her at an out-of-town job site after she gave her notice? Here’s the update.

I talked with HR about everything my boss was doing and how he was threatening to take my things and leave me stranded and so they called him, and he was told that if he didn’t let me take my truck home that he had to provide me with a ride back to my house because it was requirements for my company.

He still went about 3 days without calling me, so I just left. I had written everything out in my two week notice, so I just took the chance. He didn’t say anything about me being in major trouble because he knew that I was done. They had me turn everything in to the local office, and when I did I had the manager sign a paper accounting for everything returned so if something was to go missing, I wouldn’t be at fault. It’s a good thing I did though, because my company iPhone randomly went missing, and even though they tried to say that I stole it, I had the signature to show otherwise. In the end, there was nothing that really ended too horribly. Just irritated that people in authoritative positions act so ridiculously.

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