update: my friend is a bad employee

Remember the reader looking for ways to help her friend, who she suspected was a bad employee with a bad attitude? Here’s her update.

So I took your advice and the advice of a lot of your commentators and just tried to nudge toward him thinking about his office values. It wasn’t well received and I just resigned myself to hoping he would read your blog (which he does occasionally) and see himself in it. That probably won’t happen. But he still hasn’t been fired, so that’s an upside.

As it turns out, I think he might have realized that the environment he placed himself in just wasn’t made for his skill set. Last I heard, he is considering going back to grad school to get a masters in library science. While a library might be more fitting, I think some skills are necessary no matter the work setting. So maybe he’ll take a few lessons from what he’s learned on this job and transfer them.

On something a lot of commentators said, I would take issue with it not being a friend’s place to tell their friend they’re part of the problem in their work setting. I’ve worked with bad employees before and always wondered why no one close to them sat them down and explained they were part of the problem. There is a way to do it, and I think your advice was very helpful in framing my approach. But I think if more people helped their friends out in those situations, maybe you would get fewer letters from the coworkers of bad employees complaining about their awful attitudes and work habits.

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