update: my manager got demoted because of me – and now we have to go to a tropical island for team-building

Remember the reader whose possibly unhinged manager had just been demoted because of her, and now they were all being sent on a trip to a tropical island for team-building? Here’s her update.

I decided the best thing to do was just go, act like I did not know she had been demoted, and avoid her as much as possible and have a good time.

I show up to the airport around 8:45 (we were supposed to meet at 9) and text everyone to see where they are. I get a message back a little later from the ex-manager saying (quite rudely for the language it was written in — not English), “Sorry, I’m sick and won’t be able to make it.”

The flight left at 10, so my coworkers and I had to call our big boss early Saturday morning to figure out what to do — remember, the only method of transportation was a car we had rented that only the ex-manager could drive. We decided to go and take local transportation as much as possible. We went and had a great time!

We get back on Tuesday, only to find out that ex-manager never bothered showing up to work on Monday! Big boss had to call and ask if she was planning on coming or not. Conveniently, she was sick.

HR then gets involved, and ex-manager got a doctor to say she was too stressed to work and it could aggravate her medical condition (which she does seem to have and she was out for several weeks last year handling it). It was decided that she would take a few weeks off on sick leave, and then come back to work.

We work in sales, so it was a bit stressful for my team member and I, because we had to handle her processes but were not supposed to get too involved. There were definitely some angry customers!

A couple of days before her leave is up, our big boss goes to meet with HR, the doctor, and ex-manager. They talk, everything is fine, she is planning on coming back in two days, which was on a Monday.

That Monday, I wake up with a bad cold. So I sent my big boss a message saying I will take the morning off, but will be in ASAP after that since ex-manager is coming in and we are supposed to have a team meeting.

I check my email while I am on it and see there is a message from one of my customers saying, “I heard your crazy manager left, good news for you!” I was surprised and and asked why she thought that. She said she received an email. I immediately messaged both my big boss and team member asking if they knew anything about it. A couple hours later, I find out that ex-manager came into the office several hours early so she could mass email everyone on her contact list telling them that she was leaving. Then she resigned immediately. She was escorted out, and I never heard from her again.

Of course, she is the gift that keeps on giving! Before leaving, big boss was asking her about any deals/processes she had going so we could be sure to follow up. She mentioned some that we knew about, and made a reference to one no one knew anything about. There was no record of it anywhere on our systems, and we finally had to go through her email. Through her email, it became obvious that she had closed this deal with the client, but never tracked any of the information! We called her to figure out what was going on, but she denied knowing anything and said that there was no deal. We finally just decided to give up on it, and write it off as a loss. She also left me one deal that turned into a huge mess, because the customer was not happy with the service and wanted a huge refund. And we have one other that could turn into a refund as well!

The good news is — my team mate and I kicked ass this quarter. Because her salary, etc. was still on our P&L, our target was for three people. Still, we achieved more than our target and my team mate and I get to go on an amazing holiday and forget about all of our troubles. All’s well that ends well!

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