update: we took up a collection for a coworker to get to a funeral, but she lied about it and didn’t go

We heard last week from someone whose office took up a collection to help a coworker get to a funeral, but then discovered that the coworker had lied about what she used the money for and didn’t take the trip. Here’s an update.

Surprising ending to this question. It has been a difficult week.

The coworker had a lot more things to hide than not flying out to be with her family. The department chair and I sat down with her. She admitted that she did not fly out at all. Actually, she never even looked for a ticket. She took the money and the time off and stayed home. Her intent was to be able to buy her husband a power tool that he wanted for Christmas, but had spent the money elsewhere.

She never met the 9-year-old grandchild, but the child did die of a rare disease. We asked to have the money returned. If we do receive the money, we are then going to donate it for research for the disease that the child had. It was never about the money, but about the fact that she didn’t go and didn’t at least tell us. Now we know that she never intended to go.

This person was let go this morning. She was fired for getting paid time to go to meetings she said went all day, but weren’t, along with a few other things they discovered and also the airline donation money. She was escorted out of the building in tears.

I actually feel badly for her. I hope she gets the help she needs. Thank you and everyone that commented. That was helpful during my meeting with her.

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