update: when your boss is a raging alcoholic

Remember the letter-writer whose friend’s boss was a raging alcoholic – coming back from lunch drunk, driving home drunk, and generally being a menace to society and the workplace? Here’s the update.

So the situation has a somewhat happy ending. The boss in question eventually got fired! It took a long time for this to happen, though. Basically the boss continued to go MIA for long periods of time, and came back completely drunk. My friend actually had to do most of the boss’ duties, which was kind of ridiculous since he was the lowest person on the totem pole, and probably shouldn’t have had to do the work of an executive for the fraction of the pay. Lots of drunken hijinx went on, and the boss continued to drive drunk. Eventually, out of the blue, he was fired. No one saw it coming, and we’re not sure what the final straw was (since this was going on for what we think could be YEARS). My friend actually got a new job shortly after this, and is quite happy there.

A lot of your readers were very much on the side of “he should quit right away!”, but in the end he had to stick it out until he found a new job. We live in a very expensive city, so just bailing wasn’t an option. A lot of others suggested calling the cops. We did try an annonymous tip, but nothing came of it (I guess since we live in a major city, it’s hard to really catch them in the act). Anyway, thanks again for your/readers advice! It was such a bizarre situation, and believe me, my original letter didn’t even capture all the cray that was going on there.


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