update: will it hurt me to stay in a job where my managers don’t like me?

Remember the reader who asked whether it would hurt him to stay in a job where his managers didn’t like him?

I wrote in at a point where I had been unsuccessful in job hunting after about a year and a half of intensive effort. I was exhausted mentally and physically and was on the verge of just settling for what I have and trying to tolerate the negative, soul-crushing aspects of the job while deriving what positive things I could get out of it.

Spurred on by the positive responses and your advice, I gave job-hunting another go and within three months I was interviewed for and then hired at a new job! The commute, pay, flexibility in hours, proximity to public transportation, and benefits they had matched perfectly what I was looking for. I was happy to leave the dysfunctional workplace where I had spent two years (a year and a half of it job-hunting!).

It has been 11 months since I was hired. I am absolutely thrilled to be in my current position. Management communicates in a way that is direct, clear, and most of all, respectful. The culture the management is trying to promote focuses on cooperation, collaboration and cross-departmental project teams. So everyone is encouraged to work well together and get along.

I wouldn’t say it is 100% rosy at my new workplace. It has its own issues (as do all workplaces). But overall I can say that I am much happier and much more comfortable with the work style and communication style of the organization. Most of all, I enjoy a much better relationship with my direct supervisor and I feel that this is a job that I see myself staying for the long term, where I can really flex my skills, stretch to meet challenges, and where good work will be recognized and rewarded.

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