want to intern for Ask a Manager?

I’m hiring an online data and marketing intern. Interested? Read on.

Online Data and Marketing Intern

I’m looking for an intern to help me sort through a massive amount of data about the back-end workings of the site and figure out what it all means and what might be done differently as a result of our conclusions.

This internship is a great opportunity for a student or recent grad who wants to get a close-up look at the inner workings of a successful and quickly growing website, as well as experience with online advertising, marketing, and analytics.

What you’ll do

First and foremost, you’ll use an array of back-end data to answer a slew of questions about the working of the site. For instance: Does traffic go up on days with more posts vs fewer? Does overall traffic in a month vary depending on the number of posts that month? Does the time of day of a posting affect how many people ultimately read that post? When people find the site through a keyword search on Google, how often do they read additional content / convert to regular visitors? What other patterns exist and have meaning for the site? As the site continues to grow rapidly, what else should I be paying attention to?

You’ll use sources like Google Analytics to answer these questions (and believe me, plenty more). You’ll also:

* Recommend metrics for and eventually create regular data reports
* Optimize the site’s use of ad networks
* Evaluate the site’s use of social media
* Evaluate potential improvements to the website’s architecture and SEO (this is a lower priority than everything else on this list)
* Spot other opportunities to improve the logistics that go into the general running of the site


This internship is unpaid. If you’re a student, this internship should meet most U.S. schools’ criteria for college credit.

You’ll work a flexible schedule of 4-8 hours per week. You’ll work off-site, so you can be located pretty much anywhere on the planet.


* Experience with web analytics (ideally with things like setting up funnels and conversion metrics in Google Analytics, although I’m confident that the right person can learn that)
* Strong (perhaps neurotic) attention to detail
* A love of clear and precise communication

To apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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