what your manager is thinking when you ask for a raise

featured-on-usnYou’ve researched the going rate for your work, documented your accomplishments from the last year, and put together a case for a salary increase, and now you’re sitting across from your boss, having just uttered the words, “I’d like a raise.” And you might be getting a little panicky as you wonder what your boss is thinking.

Despite what you might fear, it’s probably not, “The nerve of this guy!” Most commonly, when you ask a manager for a raise, your manager is thinking about the following questions:

  • Am I worried about losing this person?
  • Does this person deserve the salary she’s asking for?
  • Do I have the money to say yes to this request?
  • What would this mean for other people’s salaries?
  • What’s likely to happen if I say no?

Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I talk about each of these questions and explain what’s probably running through your manager’s head as you wait for her to respond. You can read it here.

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