What’s the Difference Between a Manifesto and a Mission Statement?

Easy:  A mission statement is usually boring and completed as a corporate project, complete with consultants and other things that ultimately water the whole thing down.

A manifesto is usually completed by an individual and looks to throw fastballs at the head of the establishment.  Manifestos can't make it through a group editing process because they're too renegade. 

Mission statements are the opiate of the masses.  Marx thought it was religion - it's not - mission statements are the crackpipe of the corporate masses.

Jerry McGuire called what he did a mission statement.  It was actually a manifesto.  He got fired as a result (I'm here to fire you Jerry.  Could you stop thinking about yourself all the time?).  The manifesto was too big for "the man".

Reference - this post on manifestos over at The Cynical Girl, with specific reference to the comment by "Jackie".

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