What’s the "Fast/Good/Cheap" of Job Search?

If you recruit for a living (even part of the time), it can be exhausting trying to manage the match you have to make between what your company/client can provide and the needs of the candidate.

Here's a great way to communicate the choices a candidate has to make. Remember the project triangle - fast/good/cheap? Turns out there's one for candidates as well. From the astute eCommerce recruiter Harry TriangleJoiner:

Location … Role … Money … Pick TWO.

There’s an old saying in recruiting, Location … Role … Money … Pick TWO.  I can’t promise these jobs will be local to you, or that they will be at the right comp level, or that relocation assistance will be offered, etc. 

I'd pitch that with an intro like "have you ever heard the saying - fast, good or cheap - pick two?"  There's one for jobs as well - it's "location, role or money - pick two."

Want money we can't provide for this job?  It's available - In the Bay area.  Want this job in this location?  You might have to take the money they can pay.

Funny how most of the time this triangle will come back to money - mostly because someone wants max money in the location they currently live.  But I love the effectiveness of the triangle Harry describes to manage candidate expectations.

Use it in your next conversation around money or location - because let's face it, it's rarely about the role.

Go read the rest of Harry's post - there's 3 or 4 more pieces of gold in it - just waiting for you.

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