when a candidate sends you a framed photo of himself

Aggggh! A commenter on the recent post about not sending fruit baskets to your interviewer tops that with her own account involving A FRAMED PHOTO. She writes:

I returned to my office one afternoon to find a beautiful gift bag on my desk. I thought that maybe it was from a secret admirer or an early birthday present. 

Inside I found a folder, a card, something wrapped in tissue, and a large round tin. 

Inside the folder was a multi-page resume on very thick, expensive paper. Inside the tin was a cake. The card included a hand-written note saying that he thought he was the perfect candidate for the job & somehow used the word “cake” in a pun. And inside the tissue paper? A framed color photo of the candidate. Think: Glamour Shots in a suit and tie. 

I was so incredibly creeped out by this gesture. I didn’t know whether to laugh or execute a restraining order. I was afraid to eat the cake and couldn’t look at him and didn’t even call him for an interview.

A framed photo!  To display on one’s desk?!  What is the thinking here?

(Actually, I will tell you what the thinking is here: It’s caused by the charlatans of the job search advice world, telling people they need to “stand out” and be “memorable.”)

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