why unpaid internships should be legal

featured-on-usnLast month’s ruling that Fox Searchlight broke the law by not paying its interns has reignited a battle that has already been brewing over unpaid internships.

While federal law has long prohibited unpaid internships unless the net benefit is to the intern, not the employer, the reality is that unpaid internships that don’t meet that standard are commonplace and in many industries are a normal part of gaining experience that prepares candidates for paying work in the field. Unpaid internships aren’t going away any time soon, lawsuits or no lawsuits.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I argue that unpaid internships should be legal. You can read it here.

(And I know that many of you disagree with this viewpoint. I just ask that you read the article before arguing back!)

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