Workplace 2011: Overworked and under-engaged

(From -- Think you may be working longer and harder? Recent surveys show that you are not imagining things.

A recent survey of 4,400 employees for reported that one half of employees are taking on more work and 37% are doing the work of two people.
In a new book, The Enemy of Engagement, author/researchers Mark Royal and Tom Agnew report that nearly one third of employees lack resources and information to do their jobs. One half are bothered by "inadequate staffing levels in their work areas."
"Frustration isn't an 'employee' issue; it is an organizational issue," said Agnew, who is a consultant for the Hay Group. "Managers must listen for clues and serve as the voice for frustrated employees."
Bingo! So what's a manager who knows his team is overworked to do? Especially in these days when overwork is so common and the fear of getting downsized is so pervasive?
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