yes, your resume and cover letter really are the problem

I don’t usually print thank-you letters (but I do save them in a file in my email because they are great to look at on a bad day — and you should do the same!), but I’m sharing this one because it’s further evidence that You Should Take Me Seriously When I Say You Need to Fix Your Resume and Cover Letter.

A reader writes:

I want to thank you for the recent write-up you did regarding updating cover letters and resumes if you were having trouble hearing back from potential employers. I had my husband read it (I made some posts in the comments section about how his old company said they would rehire him after he completed his degree but didn’t, and now he was having trouble finding a new job, etc.) and he immediately updated his resume and cover letter. He submitted it to a company three weeks ago on a Friday, was contacted for an interview the next day for the following Monday, and was offered a job two days later!

Thank you again for all of the awesome effort you put into your website. I recommend it to everyone because you’re one of the few down-to-earth, honest writers who are actually helping people by providing useful, logical information. Plus you have the funniest stories about people’s workplaces.

That is awesome. Congratulations to your husband, and thank you for taking the time to write this!

Now, everyone who read that post but didn’t act on it — or who hasn’t read it yet — go and act on it immediately. It’s here:

if you’re not getting interviews, read this

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