you are misapplying job search advice

featured-on-usnThe internet has made it easier than ever to find advice on how to interview and find a job – but sometimes job seekers misunderstand common advice and misapply it in a way that harms them rather than helping.

For example: You’ve heard that you should clearly explain to employers what skills you have to offer. But some people (maybe you!) misapply that advice by just proclaiming their skills, rather than demonstrating them. Their cover letters announce things like “I have initiative” and “I’m a skilled communicator” rather than talking about work they’ve done that demonstrates those skills. To be clear, you absolutely should make sure that hiring managers understand what skills you have to offer, but simply asserting that you have them isn’t convincing.

At U.S. News & World Report today, I talk about this and five other ways that job seekers often misapply good advice and end up hurting themselves as a result. You can read it here.

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