you suck at firing people

Firing an employee s one of the hardest parts of a manager’s job … but it’s also one of the most important, because having the right people – and only the right people – on your staff will make a huge difference in how effective you are and how much you’re able to accomplish. In fact, even if you do every other part of management right (setting clear goals, delegating effectively, giving useful feedback, etc.), if you aren’t willing to fire people when they need to go, you’ll never accomplish what you otherwise could.

But it’s tough to tell someone that they’re falling short of your expectations, and even tougher to let them go, so most managers wait far too long to take action when it’s clear that someone needs to be replaced. Instead of addressing the problem, they put it off, or send coded messages rather than being clear, or just hope the person leaves on their own.

Over at the Intuit QuickBase blog today, I talk about how to fire someone, and key elements of the process not to forget (such as getting your manager in the loop ahead of time, not winging it, and being nice). You can read it here.

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