interviewers who haven’t even read your resume

A reader writes:

What’s the deal with interviews that consist of a manager asking you to repeat your resume? I’ve been on two interviews for jobs that are sort of middle of the road, not entry-level or management. I get that people are busy and maybe don’t even really read your resume (I guess?) but the two separate companies had the same idea. So….you worked for, at, ? What did you do there? (my resume has a few bullets) Oh and I see you went to X for school, what did you study? WHAT?

I found it hard to maintain my excitement in the interviews and tried my best. No other questions where the answer couldn’t be found in front of them on paper. There are no second interviews either. What is going on here?

What’s going on here is that you had two bad interviewers who don’t take interviewing seriously enough to prepare for it by even reading your resume ahead of time or to think of questions that will actually give them insight into how well you’d do on the job.

Not only is this rude to you, but it’s a really negligent way to approach their own job. If I found out that someone I managed was conducting interviews this way, I’d haul them in for a major talking-to about respect for candidates and why hiring well matters, as well as some serious remedial training. (Of course, I wouldn’t set someone loose as an interviewer in the first place without making sure they knew what they were doing, but far too many companies don’t put much thought into their hiring practices.)

Hiring well is one of the most crucial things a company can do. If they’re messing this up, they’re probably messing up plenty of other things too. I’d consider it a huge red flag.

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