Morning Advantage: Is 3D Printing a Threat to China’s Economy?

We've been hearing a lot lately about risks to China's manufacturing dominance, factors such as rising wages and a downturn in total factor productivity. But 3D printing? Really? Yes, writes George Magnus in the FT. The official name for the technology is "additive manufacturing," and it will change the way the world thinks about making stuff, Magnus says, because it allows companies to produce locally and respond quickly to changes in demand. That means no giant inventories, no giant shipments. With additive manufacturing, a field where the U.S. already has a competitive advantage, companies will want production to be close to design — and to customers.


I'll Have a Mint Chip Cone and a $500 Loan, Please

It's more than just a novelty: Ethan Clay's Whalebone Cafe Bank in Pittsburgh really does accept small deposits and make small loans. A $100 deposit earns you $5.50 per month in credits for ice cream, waffles, and coffee in the store, says the Wall Street Journal. For loan interest, you pay real money. Clay, who started his operations because he was annoyed at the way financial institutions do business, says he aims to become the neighborhood bank. State regulators seem perplexed, but they say the ice cream is good.


Hooters to Become More of a Family Place?

Terry Marks, the new CEO of Hooters, is undertaking a makeover of the ultimate guys’ place. He doesn't want men to be embarrassed to list Hooters on their expense accounts — and he doesn't want women to veto the idea of a meal there, says Bloomberg Businessweek. He says this can be done without "putting wool sweaters on the Hooters girls.” In other words, the waitresses will keep their tight-fitting uniforms. Revenue dropped 3.4% last year.


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