Morning Advantage: The FTC Needs You to Stop the Bots

The Federal Trade Commission is offering $50,000 cash to anyone who can come up with a way to eliminate telemarketing robocalls. While the FTC outlawed commercial telemarketing in 2009, the legislation hasn’t put an end to the continued barrage of pre-recorded messages interrupting people’s dinners across the U.S. According to Casey Johnston at Ars Technica, the long arm of the U.S. law has simply been no match for the bots, and the government is calling in reinforcements: it’s time for some good old-fashioned ingenuity. (Commenters suggest the obvious – if you don’t know who’s calling, don’t pick up the phone, and eventually the robo-marketers will get the message.) The contest opens on October 25 at, and will run through January 17, 2013.


Coke Adds Life to French Beauty Industry (Wired)

French women have that certain je ne sais quoi. Or, should we say, that certain Coca-Cola? In a move that some are calling incroyable!, Coca-Cola recently teamed up with French pharmaceutical company Sanofi to create a line of drinks to “aid health and beauty.” Marketed under Sanofi’s Oenobiol "Beautific" brand, the line will consist of four drinks made from mineral water, fruit juices and additives chosen for benefits such as strengthening hair and nails, improving skin condition, aiding weight loss and improving vitality. According to Philippa Warr at Wired, the beauty drinks are intended for a limited release in French pharmacies with the potential for wider European distribution at a later stage.


What Doesn't Kill You Makes You More Creative (POPSCI)

So, you didn't get that promotion? Your startup's investors backed out? You opened the mailbox to find your 44th rejection letter from a publisher? Not to worry — there's a silver lining. A new study from Cornell and Johns Hopkins says that social rejection often leads to creative problem solving, which explains why genius and solitude often go hand-in-hand. Assuming that the rejection hasn’t left you curled up under the covers in the fetal position, it may actually enhance your ability to think outside the mainstream and draw upon your own unique inner strengths. According to Clay Dillow at POPSCI, people who are able to shrug off rejection and blaze their own trail may just find the seeds of greatness in whatever lies next.



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