Morning Advantage: What Chinese Shoppers Really Do

In an impressive piece of research, Bain armed shoppers from 40,000 households in 373 cities in 20 provinces across China with scanners to track what they actually purchased in real time. This allowed them to follow older, married shoppers down the aisles of a Guangzhou hypermarket and young students purchasing chewing gum in tiny mom-and-pop shops.

What they found was a pretty consistent pattern. Chinese shoppers buy brands, and lots of them. In fact, the more of a particular category they buy, the more different brands they try out. This was true of most goods except infant formula, baby diapers, beer, milk, carbonated soft drinks, and chewing gum, which may be because there’s not much choice in these categories. If you’re hoping to promote a brand in some other category, Bain concludes, you should focus less on promoting your brand over others and more on making those billions of consumers aware of your brand in the first place.


How Fundamental Is the Concept of Equal Pay? (Greg Mankiw’s Blog)

Apparently, the concept of equal pay for equal work is deeply ingrained not just in the working world but in the entire animal kingdom. You can see for yourself in the video of this Harvard professor’s classic experiment, which has since been repeated with all kinds of animals. In it, a Capuchin monkey becomes incensed when asked to do a job in exchange for a cucumber when his colleague in the next cage gets a grape for doing the exact same thing. The primacy of this visceral response to pay inequity has to be seen to be truly understood.

10,000 HOURS PLUS…

Henry Rollins’ Rules for Success as an Artist/Entrepreneur (Big Think)

So, you want to be a star like Henry Rollins? You must be prepared to sacrifice everything: home, long-term relationships, children, sleep. You must be ready, every night of the year, to step on stage in a new city and perform your heart out, then go back to your hotel room (or possibly your car) and type up two chapters of your new book. Then, when the sun peeks over the window sill, you must spring out of bed, do 100 push-ups, and start all over again. All while maintaining a sunny disposition toward those who have done you no harm and fighting the good fight against the forces of evil.


On the Money Trail

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