you suck at hiring. let’s make you better.

Even though building the right team of people is one of the most important things managers do, way too many managers get it wrong. They give lip service to the idea that having the right people is key, but then they don’t do the things that should stem from that belief, like firing employees who aren’t meeting a high bar … or learning how to find the right people in the first place.

Hiring is hard though. And despite what you’d think by the way some employers do it, good hiring doesn’t just mean asking a bunch of perfunctory questions and then hiring the person you like the best.

Over at the Intuit QuickBase blog today, I talk about things you can do to hire better.  You can read it here. (And even if you don’t do any hiring, you should read it anyway, because reading stuff about how to hire is a good way to get more insight into what interviewers want from you.)

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