Former CIA Analyst Discusses How to Target Terrorists

Former CIA Analyst Nada Bakos

Nada Bakos is a former CIA analyst featured in the documentary Manhunt, which chronicles the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden that began in 1993.

Bakos, who was a featured speaker at the Emergency Management Summit in San Francisco on April 15, was part of a team of women that identified and analyzed intelligence that eventually led to the demise of bin Laden.

What is apparent in Manhunt is the great attention to detail that’s necessary when deciphering intelligence over the 20-year period it took to finally take down bin Laden. In her talks, Bakos stresses the need to focus on details, and also the ability for an analyst to be able to let the intelligence lead the investigation and not let a preconceived desire or goal lead the intelligence. Bakos said women see risks differently long term than men do and that helps in the analysis of data when targeting terrorists.

This story was originally published by Emergency Management

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