SolarWorld, Coalition for U.S. Solar Manufacturing Respond to SEIA Proposal Regarding U.S.-China Solar Trade Dispute

The following statement is from Gordon Brinser, the U.S. president of manufacturing for SolarWorld Industries America Inc., leader of the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM), in response to a proposal from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) regarding settlement of the U.S. solar trade cases against China:

“While we appreciate the efforts of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we are highly skeptical of any settlement with China or Chinese companies given their history of predatory market and trade practices.

“SolarWorld fought and won trade cases against dumped and subsidized Chinese products only to see Chinese companies use any and all means to circumvent the orders and avoid the lawful payment of antidumping and countervailing duties. These trade orders against China will be in place for years to come. We have no intention of giving them up unless and until China’s unfair trade practices are stopped.

“Worse still, the Chinese government has responded by filing retaliatory cases against other U.S. industries such as polysilicon, just as it did in the solar trade cases in Europe. Retaliation is not a strategy that the U.S. government should condone.”

Timothy C. Brightbill, a partner of the Washington, D.C., law firm of Wiley Rein LLP and counsel to SolarWorld, further stated: “We support the U.S. government’s efforts to negotiate a solution with China that addresses all of China’s continued dumping, subsidies, and unfair trade practices. However, SEIA’s proposal does not accomplish this goal.

“Fair trade requires that all parties play by the rules. And we do not trust those who support illegal Chinese imports to negotiate an outcome that protects SolarWorld’s ability to enter its fourth decade of U.S. solar manufacturing.”

Founded by seven companies that manufacture solar cells and panels in the United States, CASM now includes 240 employers of more than 18,000 Americans. The founding manufacturers have plants in nearly every region in the United States.

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