10 Commandments for a highly effective team — Did we miss some?

In order to create a successful team you will need a powerful and proven leader. Admiral Eric Olson is one of the best. The Admiral is the former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command and retired Four-star Navy SEAL who has over 38 years in government. Admiral Olson by cdorobek He told the crowd at FOSE about his list of 10 commandments to build a high powered team.  
  1. Know the purpose
  2. Select the right people -- or get to know the people thrust on you
  3. Train and educate your team from the start but don't stop training
  4. Present your team with adversity and see how they handle it --Character under stress cannot be faked
  5. Organize for success
  6. Learn fearlessly
  7. Show trust in your team
  8. Hold them to a high standard
  9. Be their advocate and champion
  10. Live the life of a leader -- Leaders are never off duty
  What other commandments should be added to Admiral Olson's list?
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