Are budget cuts the real catalyst for Innovation?

Think about this; stability rarely breads innovation. Traditions and norms don't generate creativity. So keeping that in mind, doesn't it stand to reason, that severe budget cuts like the ones that the government is currently dealing with, could be the real catalyst for growth and innovation? That's the hope of Alan Balutis. Balutis is senior director of Cisco's Business Solutions Group about digital government. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that all the planned budget cuts, potential for sequestration and looming hiring freezes could really usher in a new era for agencies. "When the real fiscal crunch happens, budget pressures, sequestration, fiscal cliff. Whatever you want to call it. When it happened people realized that we wouldn't be seeing any real IT grwoth in teh future. And we will need to re-think the way we do business," said Balutis. "This will drive innovation." Do you agree?
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