DorobekINSIDER Live: Redefining Management in Government

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We're LIVE! It's the seventh time we’ve met and we are doing this at least once each month this year. The idea is simple: get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared.

We are talking about management -- the challenges and some solutions.

Good government management is difficult. We all know that. But it is also thankless. Earlier this month, President Obama unveiled his new management agenda -- mostly focusing on technology.

And it was somewhat disheartening the next morning when The Hill newspaper -- under the headline, Obama faulted on leadership, said, “Supporters and critics of President Obama are looking for leadership on many pressing issues from the White House, but many believe they are not getting it.”

They went on to say that discussing government management -- rather than Egypt, immigration, or ObamaCare, was a problem. “Even to the most loyal Obama supporters, the move seemed irrelevant, even odd,” The Hill went on to say.

The not so subtle subtext: Government management simply doesn’t matter.

We believe that good government matters and that good government management does matter. And today, we are not going to say, ‘why don’t they just’ because we know that if you could JUST you probably would JUST.

Here to help are the DorobekINSIDER's All Star Management Panel:

  • Alan Balutis, is the managing partner of Cisco's public sector consulting services and the former CIO at the Commerce Department. He also writes for The Public Manager: Do we need a new model for government?

  • Jonathan Bruel, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Public Policy Institute. He previously was a Senior Adviser to the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget and most recently led the IBM Center for the Business of Government

  • Doug Criscitello, managing director at Grant Thornton's public sector financial services practice. He previously served in as the CFO for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and focused extensively on federal budget issues at both OMB and Congressional Budget Office. He is joining us from the Association of Government Accountants.

  • Chris Mihm, Managing Director of Strategic Issues, Government Accountability Office.

  • Steve Ressler, GovLoop Founder. 

Why Is Management Such A Challenge?

  • Mihm: When you look at the GAO High Risk List you can see cases of duplication and overlap. But the real issue is making sure that government is up to the governance challenge. Governance can not be achieved by one agency or one program, it has to be intra-agency and cross sector. Federal management is incredibly complicated and government needs to be ready.
  • Bruel: Management is an issue especially in times of budget uncertainty like we have now. 
  • Balutis: I see the budget cuts as an opportunity to force government to be more innovative. We can no longer afford to only do small ball changes. We have to change the way we work, sequestration could drive innovation. 
  • Ressler: I see this issue as an issue of talent and motivation. You have to be able to unlock your employees to empower them to do good things. Right now morale isn't great, you can see it on the Facebook page dedicated to how feds are spending their furlough days. People feel that they will work their 8 hours and nothing more since no one appreciates what they do anyways.  

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