Facebook to get a Facelift – Good for government?

"Facebook announced a redesigned News Feed--a radical makeover of their core product at the heart of their homepage. The big changes are easy to spot. The feed is now a unified design between desktops and mobiles, its images are bigger, and every bit of information is more personalized at the user’s end," said Mark Wilson.  That's great for the average user, but how will the new newsfeed impact government's social media outreach.  Wilson is a senior writer at Fast Company Design. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that with the new newsfeed images will dominate.  "For everyone involved engagement is the bottom line. The web is becoming more visual, the more pictures you have on your page the more engaged users will be," said Wilson.  Personalized Feeds "There will be a feed for your friends, for celebrities, for businesses you might follow. Take this for example, Facebook is trying to do more to connect organizations with friends. Say one of your friends checks into a restaurant. That post will show up in your feed with an image of the restaurant and a tag to a map with additional pictures of the location and the menu," said Wilson. Government could do something similar. Tag stories back to interesting projects or programs. 

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