Following The Money: What State’s Do It The Best?

Think about all the different things you spend money on... head spinning yet? Now think about all the things that your state government spends money on. You can bet it's a lot of things but a checkbook that goes unchecked is bound to be a checkbook that wastes money... something state's can ill afford to being doing these days. That's where the US PIRG comes into play with their Following the Money 2012 report on state spending transparency. By and large state's are doing a much better job of tracking their money according to the annual report which was started in 2010 but the real question is which states are hitting homeruns and which states are striking out in terms of transparency. We talked with the report's senior analyst Phineas Baxandall to find out. What States Follow The Money The Best by cdorobek To find out your state's exact rank you can check out the full report here. So your state is ranked high or low but what does it all mean and why should you care? Minus the fact that it's your money they are spending, these sites serve as watchdogs. While they might not be driving a ton of traffic they are being visited by the eyes that matter: Why Tracking Spending Is Important by cdorobek What else would you like to see your state tracking? And what's the best way for them to broadcast that information?
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