Gen Y: Thriving in a Diversified Workforce

(From PRWEB) -- Jazzing up the workplace. That’s what many organisations are doing in order to recruit and retain the future engines of their workforce -- the ‘twenty somethings’ or Gen Y. Taking the lead are multinationals with an offering of interesting perks, such as the in-house gym at software company SAS; Google’s on-site laundry and massages; and Marriott International’s training podcasts. Besides the creative sweeteners, however, what else awaits Gen Y at the workplace? 1.    Cultural diversity Visit a bank or a manufacturing plant or a hospital and you would find people from at least half-a-dozen nationalities working side by side. Thanks to globalisation, the first challenge facing Gen Y is a cosmopolitan workforce. 2.    Generational gap With increased life expectancy and growing trend towards delayed retirement, employees belonging to as many as four different generations – traditionalists (born prior to 1946), baby boomers (1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965-1981) and Generation Y (1982-2000) – have to coexist at the workplace. 3.    Different attitudes The third challenge stems from the first two: people from different cultures and generations bearing starkly different attitudes about work, success, work-life balance, values and technology. Read more.
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