Leadership Is… Not a Catchphrase

It seems like everybody is an expert in leadership these days. It's easy to read the leadership book du jour, but implementing and leading effectively is a lot more than just opening a book.


A while back Govloop had a great discussion on what "Leadership Is...". During a recent interview with NASA CIO Linda Cureton as part of our new daily podcast, she gave what I think is a pretty darn good definition of leadership:

"Leadership is getting people to do something they don't want to do and making them feel good about doing it." Leadership Is… - Linda Cureton Excerpt by cdorobek

Really, that's what leadership is: creating a paradigm shift within people where their personal mission becomes the organization's mission.

Linda continues on in the interview, saying that leadership in innately hard. The above definition is certainly not easy and that's why not everybody is cut out to be a leader. Leadership Is Hard - Linda Cureton Interview Excerpt 2 by cdorobek


To listen to Linda's full interview you can catch the full radio show at GovLoop Insights or your can subscribe to our iTunes channel.



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