Newest Federal Jobs: Data Scientists

Big data, data analytics, data, data, data. We've heard the buzz words all year. But now Rich Campbell the Federal Chief Technologist at EMC says 2013 will be the year that big data becomes a part of agency's mission. And in order for that to happen Campbell told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that agencies will have to employ full-time data scientists. "In FY 2013 a lot of agencies are really trying to get their hands around big data," said Campbell. What's new in 2013
  • Breaking data down into data sets
  • Leveraging the data for mission needs
  • Manage the data sets
  • Push for data scientists
What is the data scientists? "A data scientist is somebody who's full time job is to look at the data they have and understand it. Then take it one step further and figure out how to use that data more effectively. Agencies need to do it full time instead of pet projects," said Campbell.
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