Retaining Employees: 5 Things You Need to Know

(From The Huffington Post) -- Even when the economy is tough -- and maybe especially then -- it's never a bad idea to show your employees appreciation. You may have a few knuckleheads you wouldn't be sorry to see go, were they to walk out, but the last thing you need is your best employees to leave you high and dry. And they will, if you take them for granted. After all, especially in a world in which retiring with a gold watch is increasingly a fantasy, why should talented employees stick around if they aren't being treated like a best employee should be? It can obviously cost thousands of dollars to train a new employee, depending on the position, especially taking into account all the money a company can lose when its talent isn't around to land new accounts, maintain quality control and provide superior customer service. (There are a lot of employee turnover calculators online to prove this point, like this one. So if you want to keep your employees happy, in both good and bad times, here are five things you need to know. Read more.
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