Tell us, why your job matters? Why shouldn’t the gov shutdown?

The shutdown talk doesn't make much sense to most if not all government employees, because in many ways Congress cutting off funds says, 'we don't value your mission.' The shutdown says we are willing to cut up the funds you need to do your job.

“It’s like a stab in the back. Like being told in high school that you’re average and not in the honors classes,” said Steve Ressler, 32, who worked in Homeland Security for six years and now runs GovLoop, informally known as Facebook for Feds. “But it matters, because we need the most talented people to work for government on issues as important as food stamps or Syria. We don’t want the best being driven away by all this beating up on federal workers.”

Obviously that message is going to crush morale and push hard working and mission oriented federal employees to look for a new job. Chris Dorobek the host of the DorobekINSIDER moderated a panel at ASTD earlier this week. On the panel was Scott Gould, the former deputy secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Gould had a mission for federal employees, "I want to ask everyone to do something that may seem counterintuitive, you have all seen the military from time to time suffer from a separation from the people they serve. Well motivated, mission oriented people can be pushed away by the people they serve. I would ask you to reach out and take the time to talk to that person that thinks you have two horns and a tail. Reach out to them and communicate. Make the case for why government matters, because we here in government, we already know that the mission matters. We know the work you do on a day to day basis matters. But they don't and they are acting like it. If we want to move forward that has to change," said Gould. 

Gould is right. If we want to change how this process works we have to make the case for why what you do matters. We have to talk about government's success and showcase just how powerful and productive government can be. 

So here is our ask, GovLoop would like to hear your stories. Tell us, why does your job matter? What would you like the public to understand about the work you do. 

The entire panel from ASTD here.  

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