The 3 V’s of big data — What are they and how do they impact you?

Big data it’s the new buzz word taking over government. But what is it? How should you prepare your agency to harness its powers?

Thor Olavsrud is a senior writer at CIO.

He’s outlined the role of big data with Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program.

Olavsrud says there are 3 V's to bid data:

  1. Volume - It is almost impossible to understand the shear amount of data
  2. Velocity - Data comes in fast and furious
  3. Variety - Data comes in all forms - structured, un-structured, semi-structured
Olavsrud says
"the biggest challenges to big data is finding a place to store the information and protect the security of that data." The Santa Cruz Police Department is using big data to prevent crimes. Check out our interview with
Zach Friend the
crime analyst for the Santa Cruz police department.

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