Battling back from a Gov’t PR nightmare and a New Tool makes Twitter easier to use

On today’s program for Thursday April 26, 2012
  • It’s been one of the worst weeks ever for public servants. Advice on how to be a good leader from the Partnership for Public Service.
  • TwitChimp -- the new platform is designed to make twitter easier to follow and understand. Sounds cool right? You’ll hear from one of the innovators behind it -- Bob Gourley.
  • Contracting and the Age of Austerity. How do they fit? Insights from on the thought leaders in government procurement -- Department of Homeland Security’s Chief Procurement Officer -- Nick Nayak.
Our ongoing coverage of the GSA conference scandal.
Those two dreaded words -- Government Shutdown -- might be back
  • Yesterday the House Appropriations Committee approved spending targets. Politico notes that those targets break with the Budget Control Act passed last summer. And it demands more than $27 billion of additional savings from non-defense programs. The 28-21 vote in the House Appropriations Committee sets up a long summer of political skirmishing, all leading to what could be another government shutdown fight Oct. 1 when a new fiscal year begins and the GOP must come to terms with the White House and Democratic Senate, Politico’s David Rogers says. Imagine -- a government shutdown just weeks before the Presidential election.
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