Oh, It’s Just Another Government Shutdown

Hey there — I’m Christopher Dorobek — the DorobekINSIDER — and welcome to GovLoop Insights Issue of the Week with Chris Dorobek… our third week here. We’re glad you’re with us.

Each week, our goal is to look at an issue — a person — an idea — then helped define the past 7-days… but we try to find a topic that also will have an impact on the days, weeks and months ahead. And as always, we focus on six words: helping you do your job better.

September is never quiet — the last month of the government’s fiscal year… the first post-summer month when people get back to work. The past week upheld the tradition. There were a lot of stories that will impact how you do your job.

Among the stories we were watching:

This week was the official end of the Defense Department’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The 18-year-old law banned openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service. And one of the faces of the new freedom was Air Force Senior Airman Randy Phillips, who has been posting on Twitter and YouTube under the moniker: AreYouSurprised. We have a link to his video where he comes out to his father — you can find that online: DorobekINSIDER.com and Insights.govloop.com.

There was also news about open government this week. The White House this week released a 34-page report detailing the Obama administration’s efforts to create a more open and transparent government, FedScoop reports. And the President, speaking at the United Nations, called on emerging and established democracies to make their governments more transparent. We have a link to the president’s speech. But almost at the same time, open government advocates are saying it’s not enough. The Sunlight Foundation found that more than $1.3 trillion in government spending simply isn’t being reported. Again — we have links to those stories online — dorobekinsider.com.

And the biggest contract on the plant — the General Services Administration Multipe Award Contracts IT Schedule 70 — has a new person leading the charge. GSA’s Mary Davie announced — via a Tweet — that Kay Ely is coming aboard as the new director of the those contracts, Washington Technology reports. Ely has served as the chief learning officer at the Office of Personnel Management and had been OPM’s deputy associate director for contracting for facilities and administrative services.

But the big story of the week — well, we’re following the money. And yet another budget showdown certainly has an impact on each and every person that has anything to do with the government: It’s your money… in every way, shape or form.

There is one week before the end of the government’s fiscal year, and yes — not one of the 13 spending bills that keep government operating have made their way through either chamber of Congress. And so this week, there was much attention on some of the most dreaded words in government: C-R. Yes — yet another continuing resolution. But as we’ve seen so often, there was disagreements about what a C-R would look like — and yes, by the end of the week, there are real fears that Washington could be headed toward yet another potential government shutdown crisis. On Thursday, the House approved a Republican-authored short-term funding measure designed to keep government running through Nov. 18 that Democrats in the Senate immediately vowed to reject,

Joining us is somebody who watches this VERY closely — Stan Collender of Quorvis Communications. He has had extensive experience watching these issues — and is the author of the blog — Capital Gains & Games… and we might mention he is a fan of the Yankees, so… it was a decent week for his baseball team at least…

* There is about a week before the end of the fiscal year — and none of the budget bills have passed. What’s the status?
* what is the prospect of getting an agreement
* why is this so complex?
* What’s up with the super-committee?
* what should people be watching out for? what signs are you watching for?

Stan Collender of Quorvis Communications — he is the man behind the Capital Gains and Games blog, which watches the federal budget process. You can find a link to his blog online — insights.govloop.com and dorobekinsider.com

Thanks Stan.

That brings us to the BIG question — how does the budget uncertainty impact you? Does all this clutter make it more difficult to carry out your mission? Or have you been there and done it? And what do you expect for the year ahead. We’d love to get your thoughts.

Last week week discussed the rules about what jobs are inherently governmental — and we had one person from the HR community note that hiring and firing is unquestionably inherently governmental. Interesting. But if more work is contracted out, do you need as many HR people? You can offer your thoughts — on this topic or any others — insights.govloop.com.

And look for us on Wednesday — we’ll post our early poll seeking your thoughts on what the issue of the week is. Thanks to Stan Collender for joining us today. Thank you for being here. Go out there and do good work.



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